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Farewell Uganda 09.08.2012
Making A Splash On The Nile 03.08.2012
A Few Days At Lake Bunyonyi 01.08.2012
Meeting the Kahungye Family 30.07.2012
Heading To Gorilla Country 29.07.2012
Time For Some Animals! 27.07.2012
Enjoying Ethiopia's Capital 18.07.2012
A Steep Climb to Heaven 15.07.2012
Did The Queen of Sheba Really Cook?! 12.07.2012
Bahir Dar and Gonder 11.07.2012
These churches rock! 06.07.2012
Hello Africa 04.07.2012
Iran: reflections, US Den of Espionage and a Persian carpet 01.07.2012
Persepolis and Shiraz 29.06.2012
A stop on the Silk Road 27.06.2012
The House of Strength 24.06.2012
Esfahan IS Half The World 21.06.2012
Arrived in I.R. Iran 17.06.2012
Delhi and Thoughts on India 15.06.2012
At last - Taj Mahal 13.06.2012
Chasing Tigers in Corbett Reserve 11.06.2012
The Road to Nowhere 09.06.2012
Sikh and you shall find 05.06.2012
The Best of Enemies 03.06.2012
In the land of kings and hawkers 29.05.2012
Watch your feet and hold your nose! 24.05.2012
Tea time in the Himalayas 21.05.2012
Trekking the Himalayan Borderlands 17.05.2012
In the heat of Calcutta 12.05.2012
It's a long way to Calcutta 11.05.2012
Friends and family far from home 07.05.2012
Gone fishing... in Yangshuo 04.05.2012
Hiking the Dragon's Backbone 01.05.2012
China by train and an afternoon in Jiangxi 29.04.2012
Chasing the Hidden Dragon 27.04.2012
The Mountain of Madness 25.04.2012
First port of call in (new) China 24.04.2012
The slow boat to China 23.04.2012
Last days in Japan 19.04.2012
The Real Japan 16.04.2012
Neon lights and 2000 temples 14.04.2012
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil 12.04.2012
Meeting Fuji-san 07.04.2012
A very enjoyable culture shock 06.04.2012
If the crocs don't get you, the stingers will 05.04.2012
A couple of days in "Brissie" and the joy of flying in Oz 30.03.2012
Where the dingos roam free 28.03.2012
Byron Bay 26.03.2012
Journey to the red centre of Australia 20.03.2012
Four days in Sydney 18.03.2012
A taste of Chile 12.03.2012
Wine, good food and a couple of scenic bus journeys 07.03.2012
Hiking in the Andes 05.03.2012
Fancy meeting you here! 03.03.2012
Puerto Madryn 26.02.2012
Buenos Aires 24.02.2012
Backpackers can still travel first class 21.02.2012
San Ignacio Mini 20.02.2012
The Igauzu Falls and Itaipu 16.02.2012
Ciao Brazil! 13.02.2012
Paraty para mi 12.02.2012
In the favela 09.02.2012
Impressions of Rio 09.02.2012
London 04.02.2012
Welcome to our blog 26.01.2012